Technical Lead / Architect


I served as technical lead and architect of a major site rebuild for Tricentis. The site included 1800+ pages of content across 3 languages with 26 unique page templates and 18 custom modules. I created the NextJS-based architecture, which allowed for headless component development with Storybook and generated static pages using NextJS from GraphQL data sourced from WordPress. I was responsible for the configuration of several site environments on Netlify, and led a development team of 6 frontend and backend developers.

Tricentis iMac ScreenshotTricentis iPhone Screenshot

Reliant Technology

React Developer


I was a major contributer in building out this website using React, JSX, and SASS. The site renders content queried from a WordPress backend using GraphQL and Apollo. I helped create and manage custom fields in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and I created dozens of custom React components driven by content stored within WordPress. I also created custom page templates as well as a custom product catalog which allowed users to filter hardware products by brand and type.

Reliant Technology iMac ScreenshotReliant Technology iPhone Screenshot

GM Financial

Onboarding Technical Lead, Mobile Technical Lead


I served as technical lead in the evaluation of an unreleased codebase before later serving as the Xamarin technical lead for the rewrite of the app using Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. I built out major portions of the functionality of the app as well as created and maintained custom iOS library bindings for the LivePerson chat SDK. I was the primary point of contact between GM Financial and Xamarin, and worked with Microsoft and Xamarin internal teams in troubleshooting issues as necessary leading up to release. The apps today process hundreds of thousands of car payments each month.

GM Financial iOS Screenshot 1GM Financial iOS Screenshot 2GM Financial iOS Screenshot 3

AMC Theatres

Mobile Technical Lead


I served as the primary technical lead on the AMC Theatres apps written using Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. Early in the project I was responsible for creating technical proof-of-concepts to prove out features of the design such as vertically swipeable cards within the primary tabs of the interface. The app featured highly branded layouts which allowed for large portions of the app to be themed for the movie the user was currently buying tickets for. The app featured seat selection (another interface I helped develop and prove out) and purchasing of food and drinks.

AMC Theatres iOS Screenshot 1AMC Theatres iOS Screenshot 2AMC Theatres iOS Screenshot 3

And much much more..

The examples above are just a few of the projects that I have worked on in recent years. I have also had the pleasure of working on the following projects as well:

Professional Projects

  • UPS - Contracted to create a proof-of-concept showing the branding capabilities of Xamarin.Forms
  • Selfeo - Technical lead for video based social networking app for iOS
  • Jinny - Created Windows 8, Android, and iOS internal apps for salesmen to browse products and create sales orders
  • Benny Buddy - Created iOS and Android apps for employees to browse their available benefits
  • My Doctor Guide - Created Xamarin.Forms app for iOS and Android driven by a WordPress backend for browsing local doctors
  • YMCA - Created YMCA app for Windows Phone 8
  • HealthVault Mobile - Oversaw team of developers to create mobile version of Microsoft HealthVault for Windows Phone 7
  • Tesco Real Foods - Created recipe browsing app for Tesco for launch of Windows Phone 7
  • MSN My Health Info - Created a high-design customizable web dashboard for monitoring family health
  • HSN - Created demo app for National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) for Home Shopping Network (HSN) to tease release of Windows Phone 7
  • Myxer - Ringtone application for Windows Phone 7
  • Pikchur - Social image app for Windows Phone 7

Personal Projects

  • Word Search Little Books - Word search game for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows, and Windows Phone 8
  • Word Scramble Little Books - Word scramble game for iOS and Android
  • Line Diet - Open source project for tracking line diets (aka bang-bang diets)
  • Imagewind - Realtime visualization app of images posted to Twitter and Instagram for iOS and Winodws Phone 7
  • Matchingo - 3D matching game for iOS and Android
  • Maze Racer - 2nd place winner of Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen Challenge 2012

Please contact me regarding potential professional opportunities, or visit SmartyPantsCoding.com to find out more about my personal creations.